Papua New Guinea Organic – High Altitude coffee – Nespresso® Compatible Pods


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This is currently a Medium-Dark roast, Single Origin High Altitude grown coffee bean.

We now have our favourite coffee available in bulk using our Biodegradeable Nespresso® Compatible capsules!

Ultra-Premium Taste.

Our Papua New Guinea coffee beans are grown in the valleys of the Eastern Highland Province of Papua New Guinea. The coffee beans thrive in the volcanic soil, high altitudes, and wet seasons. Each coffee blend has a well-balanced flavor profile with spicy undertones and a delicious taste of chocolate.


#1 Our Flagship – The best Coffee we sell

Sourcing FAIRTRADE & Organic coffee beans are not easy. This is because there’s such a small quantity imported into Australia at any time. Why?

  • Fairtrade is very fiddly to get in with logistically. Customs and dealing with farms can be complex.
  • The farms often sell out.
  • The farms can also only grow so much at a time.
  • The amount of ‘A-Grade’ beans of the crop always changes. Some harvests can be dominated by very poor beans.

As such, the characteristics of this coffee may slightly change over time. This will always be a Single Origin though. We will never blend the Coffee King original.

We always try to use our best – Being our #1 coffee, it is obviously a very important coffee to us and our customers, therefore we treat it with the utmost respect



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