Why do we have the best Organic Coffee in Brisbane?

We have the best connections to small-boutique Coffee Farmers in Papua New Guinea. These farmers send their Organic Green Coffee beans directly to us from the Wapenamanda region of PNG straight to us here in Brisbane where we have it roasted locally.

Why Us?

Single Source

Strictly Organic

High-Altitude grown coffee beans

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Drink Like the Coffee King of Brisbane

Coffee King is the place to go for expert service and quality product when it comes to organic coffee in Brisbane or even gourmet coffee in Brisbane.

Organic coffee or speciality gourmet coffee blends are preferred by many coffee connoisseurs. These coffee beans are used in Coffee King’s offerings, and we know how to prepare the beans for the best tasting coffee possible.

Papua New Guinea Coffee grown Organically at High-Altitude for Brisbane Coffee Drinkers

After tasting our Organic Coffee you will soon realise that it is impressive in taste and bold in character. The coffee is grown High up in the mountains and is quite the mission to send it from it’s bean, in Papua New Guinea, all the way to our organic coffee roastery here in Brisbane.

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